Built-in data security and disaster recovery.


At Pangea Foundation™, we’ve made a pledge to put security at the center of everything we do. And that includes AASC Online. So whether we’re talking about primary data center security, backup data center security, system security, network security, administrative security, or application security, you’ll have confidence knowing that Pangea Foundation’s data security measures are on par with the best civilian organizations in the world. With world-class data centers, advanced network intrusion detection systems, the top SSL encryption technologies, the latest firewall technologies, and other proprietary security products, Pangea Foundation relies on many of the same technologies and hosting facilities as those used by government agencies and premier companies worldwide. Learn more about security at Pangea Foundation.



Built-in data security, disaster recovery, and multi-regional hosting redundancy

Quickly learn how AASC Online can help you

What is AASC Online?


AASC Online is Web-based software for service coordinators. It was developed by Pangea Foundation™ in collaboration with the American Association of Service Coordinators (AASC). Custom-designed to meet the unique needs of service coordinators working in senior and adult disability housing communities, AASC Online empowers service coordinators like never before.

  • Web-based Software-as-a-Service removes the burden from your IT organization
  • Simplify the documentation of services immediately
  • Automate outcomes tracking and get accurate, real-time reporting
  • Tap into the power of data to engage key stakeholders
  • Complete your HUD Standards for Success Report with one click


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