Documenting services has never been easier.


As a service coordinator, you’re faced with important challenges—serve more people, document more services, and deliver accurate performance reports quickly—all with limited time and a meager budget. But how can you be expected to do all that efficiently with paper-based processes, spreadsheets, or antiquated desktop software? It’s time to embrace a whole new approach to documentation and outcomes tracking—AASC Online. Since 2004, AASC Online has been helping service coordinators simplify everything from tracking service referrals to standardizing outcome measurement to automating performance reports. Today, more than 2,000 professionals use AASC Online to make their jobs easier.

AASC Online | Software for Service Coordinators


Tap into the power of data to tell your story.

We admit it: At Pangea Foundation™, we’re geeked about equipping service coordinators with transformational technologies. And that helps us keep you empowered. So instead of worrying about technology, you can simply embrace it. With AASC Online, you’ll build credibility and deepen stakeholder engagement. You’ll also join a nationwide community of professionals who are already tapping the power of data to make the case for service coordination.

  • Get fast query response times to real-time intelligence
  • Achieve trend insight with hassle-free, one-click reporting
  • Gain better perspective on critical challenges to avoid costly mistakes
  • Boost credibility with accurate performance results
  • Build a case for what you’re doing and turn funders into investors