Documenting services has never been easier.


As a service coordinator, you’re faced with important challenges—serve more people, document more services, and deliver accurate performance reports quickly—all with limited time and a meager budget. But how can you be expected to do all that efficiently with paper-based processes, spreadsheets, or antiquated desktop software? It’s time to embrace a whole new approach to documentation and outcomes tracking—AASC Online. Since 2004, AASC Online has been helping service coordinators simplify everything from tracking service referrals to standardizing outcome measurement to automating performance reports. Today, more than 2,000 professionals use AASC Online to make their jobs easier.


When I first heard about AASC Online I was intrigued. After I signed up, I was blown away by the depth of training and support that automatically goes with the software. I also love how Pangea Foundation provides software upgrades that really take client feedback into account and address our most important needs for performance and usability. AASC Online saves us time and enables us do our jobs even better.


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You could be a part of the AASC Online revolution! Itís fast and easy to get started! All you do is contact Pangea Foundation™ using this short form. Weíll be in touch to guide you step-by-step the rest of the way. What happens next? Youíll have access to our AASC Online Video Tutorials, where you have the freedom to learn on your own terms, from any location, at your own convenient pace. AASC Online was designed by and for resident service coordinators, so itís easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. So donít miss out! Join the AASC Online revolution today and start putting your data to work.





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